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Across the United States, a recognizable need has developed for the provision of outreach services for individuals and families. This is especially evident in underprivileged, low-income populations. With the U.S. and world economies in crisis, more unemployed workers, working poor families, veterans, and seniors on limited incomes than ever are living at the margins of poverty and need help in securing adequate resources for their families. In most areas, many families in disadvantaged areas struggle to obtain life’s essentials, such as affordable medical assistance, housing, job skills training, childcare, food, and medication. Food Stamp benefits, income deductions, and other qualifications for federal nutrition assistance have not kept pace with inflation, nor do they accurately reflect rising household and living expenses, such as the price of gasoline, electricity, food, or medicine. Without the availability of proper community-based services, many families would be unable to receive the proper medical care.

In recent data the U.S. Census Bureau stated that one in five Californians lives in poverty, the highest rate in the country. It is estimated 20.4 percent of Californians lived below the poverty line in a three-year average of 2014, 2015, and 2016.

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