Did You Know Not All of Our Veterans Have Access to Health Care?

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February 22, 2018
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Did You Know Not All of Our Veterans Have Access to Health Care?

Health care is expensive, and to some, it comes as a surprise that not everyone has access to it. One of those persons is veterans. Most veterans look to see if they qualified for Veterans Administration (VA) medical benefits before heading over to Medicare due to specific services and supplied not being covered and high co-payments. But, the sad truth is not all can receive these benefits from a VA doctor or facility.

If a veteran is lucky enough to receive these benefits they can get physical exams, preventive care, dental care, long-term in-home care and nursing home residential care.

The VA system can’t provide full care for all veterans. So, the VA has set up a complicated priority system to determine veterans’ benefits and out-of-pocket costs. The system divides veterans into eight groups, with the highest-priority groups eligible for the most services at the lowest prices. The priority groups are based on service-connected disability, other disability, and income. Veterans with severe service-connected disabilities get the broadest coverage; veterans with less severe service-connected disabilities, or other disabilities combined with low income, are given midlevel priority; veterans without disability or low income get the least VA care. (Caring.com)

A Helping Hand Medical Foundation is on a mission to close that gap. Veterans have fought for our freedom and in return AHHMF through generous donors can provide the necessary medical attention veterans need, including elderly and family of low-income who can’t afford certain medical necessities.

Through donations we are able to help those who have sacrificed more than we could image. If you are able to please click the button below to donate to A Helping Hand Medical Foundation.

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